Water Softeners



WaterCare’s CareClear 1 Series of filters provide for the reduction of many contaminants from your water supply. These pre-engineered water treatment products offer a complete range of size and treatment medias.

CareClear features NOVRAM with permanent program memory, maintaining all regeneration settings if power is off or unit is unplugged for long period of time. As an added feature, the microprocessor has a 2-hour capacitor backup for power outages. Another feature is the LED display showing time of day in addition to the different self-cleaning cycles the CareClear goes through.

The polyglass mineral cylinder has the National Sanitation Foundation Seal of approval. Hygienically clean, it is made of rugged, durable polyglass for rust-free, corrosion-free service.

The insulated sleeve prevents moisture buildup and keeps the mineral cylinder dry all year round.

CareClear Filter