Water Softeners

CareSoft Pro®

Highly Efficient Softening.

Amazingly Smart Performance.

NH WaterCare CareSoft Pro Specifications Specifications

WaterCare’s CareSoft Pro Series® is an achievement in efficiency the smartest generation of adjustable water conditioners speciallyengineered to serve today’s modern lifestyles.


With advanced control technology, CareSoft Pro systems can beeasily tailored by your WaterCare dealer to effectively meet yourhousehold’s specific needs for clean, soft water. Its highly advancedcontrol technology even self-adjusts to changes in your water usage so you’ll always have plenty of quality water whenever you need it.  

  • Proven savings –ensures minimal operating costs of all otherhousehold water-using appliances
  • Advanced monitoring –tracks and self-adjusts to water usage patterns or changes
  • Programmable operation –matches systemperformance to your water conditions and needs
  • Environmentally efficient –minimizes water and saltconsumption, minimizes your overall carbon footprint
  • Economically efficient –reduces soap needed toeffectively wash dishes and clothes
  • Why CareSoft Pro?

    With its state-of-the-art microprocessor, this control system practically thinks for itself.

    Self adjusting regeneration sequence - saves salt and water

    Fully programmable operation to yourhousehold’s needs - saves salt and water

    Records operating history - easy to ensureefficient operation and service

    Power backup – no clock to set


    Why WaterCare?

    With over 60 years in the water treatment industry, the WaterCare organization hasmuch to offer.

    • Family owned and operated

    • Local, professional dealer representation

    • Factory-trained personnel

    • A complete line of leading-edge watertreatment solutions

    NY WaterCare - CareSoft Pro Optional Cabinet