Water Softeners

CareSoft Pro RC®

Hardness and Chlorine Removal

Bundled into One System


Whether you have municipal water that is hard or chlorinated, WaterCare’s CareSoft Pro RC Series® water conditioners deliver the clear, soft, odor-free water you want and need. Its environmentally-friendly tank design eliminates the need for two systems by combining two medias into one tank. The activated carbon removes chlorine and other unwanted tastes while the high capacity resin is used for the maximum in softening capabilities.

Special “mid-plate” design – eliminates the need for two tanks
Proven savings – ensures minimal operating costs of all other
household water-using appliances
Advanced monitoring – tracks and self-adjusts to water
usage patterns or changes
Programmable operation – matches system performance
to your water conditions and needs
Single tank design – causes less pressure drops
Efficient to operate – uses less water and energy,
less wear on clothing and appliance



Since 1946, WaterCare and its family of professional dealers have offered only the best in water treatment equipment. The CareSoft Pro Series of equipment is the newest and most advanced system within our extensive line-up of proven solutions.


CareSoft Pro softeners feature a highly advanced control system with amazing operating efficiencies. By tracking your water usage and automatically adjusting itself, this system can keep pace with all your clean water needs... even with on-the-go lifestyles and ever-changing schedules.


Once your WaterCare dealer has thoroughly tested your water, all CareSoft Pro operating parameters can be set to effectively remove unwanted hardness and minerals. This programming versatility is key to minimizing water and salt consumption from the first day of operation. It’s the one system designed for a custom fit.


NH WaterCare - CareSoft Pro RC

Why CareSoft Pro RC?

With its state-of-the-art microprocessor, this control system practically thinks for itself.


Self adjusting regeneration sequence – saves salt and water
Fully programmable operation to your household’s needs – saves salt and water
Records operating history – easy to ensure efficient operation and service
Power backup – no clock to set


Why WaterCare?

With over 60 years in the water treatment industry, the WaterCare organization hasmuch to offer.

• Family owned and operated

• Local, professional dealer representation

• Factory-trained personnel

• A complete line of leading-edge watertreatment solutions