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Water quality issues are in the forefront more today than ever before. People want to know what is in their water and more to the point, what can be done to get it out of their water. What are we drinking? What are we bathing in? WaterCare Corporation and it's family of WaterCare Dealers offer people in 35 states the clear choice on how to meet your water quality needs for home and commercial applications. Ranging from water softeners, iron filters, pH neutralizers, to reverse osmosis, WaterCare Dealers have the latest technology and training to stand as an industry leader. Professional Water Consultants analyze water and select WaterCare systems for efficiency and performance. Since 1946, WaterCare has been based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Now a fourth generation family owned business, we are confident we will be able to give you the high quality water you deserve. Water Care product family



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Dr. Oz talks about water quality

On a Dr Oz did a segment on water quality showcasing some options for filtering your water. This is a great primer for understanding why home water filters, including a quality shower filter, are critical for the health of you and your family.