Water Softeners


Pulse Mechanical State-of-the-art Alternating Twin-Tank Systems


  • Mechanical Meter
  • Glass Filled Noryl Body
  • Twin Tanks
  • Teflon Coated Transfer Piston


  • Large Capacity For 24-Hour Soft Water
  • Durable, Reliable, Dependable
  • Substantial Iron Reduction And Elimination Of Hard Water
Pulse Water Softener
  1. GALLON WHEEL – The Pulse timer does not require a time of day setting. It adjusts automatically to meet your water needs based upon the gallons you set it for, providing you with unlimited soft, iron-free water.
  2. MECHANICAL METER – State-of-the-art accuracy in metering home water usage. Save as much as 50% on water during regeneration... as much as 50% on salt... and save on sewer charges due to fewer regenerations. Made of the finest materials for years of dependable service.
  3. OPTIONAL 1” METER – Available for when higher service flow rates are required or when higher gallon capacities are needed. The 1” meter has a gallon range from 360 gallons to 26,550 gallons.
  4. BY-PASS – Provides unconditioned water for outdoor use by a simple turn of the durable brass handle. Allows complete serviceability without water supply interruption.
  5. SELF-CLEANING PISTON – Provides total control of water flow through all five cycles of regeneration. The motor-driven, teflon-coated piston resists corrosion from rust or sediment.
  6. PISTON – Controls which tank is on line providing soft, conditioned water. When preset gallons are used, the piston automatically switches tanks, providing a continuous supply of soft, conditioned water 24 hours a day.
  7. SOFT WATER REGENERATION – Pulse regenerates with soft, conditioned water, assuring the system stays clean for optimum operating efficiency and minimum maintenance.
  8. TIME BRINE SYSTEM – Pulse time brine system accurately measures brine quantity and eliminates wasteful oversalting, resulting in lower operating costs. Adjustable safety float assembly prevents overfilling of Saltkeeper for added protection.
  9. OUTLET DISTRIBUTOR – 1” distributor with basket screen base provides maximum water flow to your home and for regeneration... protecting and extending the life of the resin. Made of polyvinyl chloride for long lasting dependability.
  10. CAREX RESIN – Made to WaterCare’s specifications for the highest possible capacity for hardness and iron removal.
  11. SLEEVE – Prevents moisture buildup. Keeps Mineral Cylinder dry year round.
  12. SALTKEEPER – Made of corrosion-resistant polyethylene. Stores enough salt for several months (depending on water conditions).
  13. SALT GRID – Corrosion-free, low grid system is designed to produce the highest brine quality possible. Grid is a brine filter, removing insolubles to prevent brine system clogging.
  14. POLYGLASS MINERAL CYLINDER – Has the National Sanitation Foundation Seal of Approval. Hygienically clean, made of rugged durable polyglass for rust-free, corrosion-free service.