Reverse Osmosis

UltroWater RO15BP


When low pressure and/or high TDS feedwater are present

The RO15BP Drinking Water System uses a combination of filtration methods to reduce unwanted contaminants in your water supply. Basically, it reduces the overall mineral content of your water; and reduces chlorine and sediment. It may also reduce other contaminants.

The Pre Filter reduces sediment and chlorine. Particles such as silt, rust and scale are removed here. The pre-filter has a nominal 5 micron rating. As well as improving the water for drinking, it protects the RO membrane and pump.

The RO Membrane is the heart of the system. It is designed to reduce the dissolved mineral content of the water. Minerals picked up by the water in the environment are measured as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). In the reverse osmosis process, dissolved minerals are separated from the incoming water (feed water) to produce the product water. The excess minerals are rinsed to the drain (reject water). The membrane is a specially fabricated semi-permeable film.

The Booster Pump is unique to residential RO systems. Its use in this system serves to overcome the drawbacks to many similar systems by boosting the feed- water pressure. In doing so, it eliminates the poor product water quantity and quality associated with other systems. The higher pressure enables many users who either have little or no pressure, or very high TDS, to use an RO system. The RO15BP can reduce a greater amount of product water where feedwater pressure and TDS are moderate to low.

The Post Filter reduces tastes or odors which may pass through the system or may develop in the product tank (waterkeeper). It acts as a "polishing" filter.

The Watersaver Valve and Pressure Switch work together to shut off the system when the waterkeeper is full. This prevents reject water from running to the drain when product water is no longer being made.

The UltroWater RO15BP reduces the following water contaminants in drinking water:

  • Nitrate
  • Chlorine
  • Total Dissolved Solids

Here are just a few of the many uses:

  • Drinking water
  • Ice cubes
  • Coffee and tea
  • Weight-loss program
  • Aquariums
  • Low-sodium diets
  • Baby formula
  • Juices and other beverages
  • Plants
  • Steam irons
RO15BP Reverse Osmosis Drinking water system