Water Softeners




  • Glass Filled Noryl Body
  • Timed Brine Refill
  • Self Cleaning


  • Dependability And Reliability At An Affordable Price
  • Customized To Your Needs
  • Substantial Iron Reduction And Elimination Of Hard Water
Sensial Water Softener
  1. TIME CLOCK - Provides soft, conditioned water automatically... pre-programmed for your water \ needs on a preset basis. Self cleans while you sleep.
  2. DEMAND INITIATED REGENERATION(D.I.R.) - Totally mechanical meter measures water usage accurat\ ely, like the water meter in your home, resulting in big savings. Save as much as 50% on water during regeneration\ ...as much as 50% on salt...and save on sewer taxes due to fewer regenerations.
  3. BY-PASS - Provides unconditioned water for outdoor use by a simple turn of the handle. Made o\ f durable brass. Allows complete serviceability without water supply interruption.
  4. CARTRIDGE - Provides total control of water flow through all cycles of regeneration. The moto\ r-driven, tefloncoated piston resists corrosion from rust or sediment.
  5. CONTROL CENTER - Automatic 6-cycle control center, ...glass-filled Noryl for corrosion resist\ ance and longer life.
  6. TIME BRINE SYSTEM - Sensial's time brine system accurately measures brine quantity and elimin\ ates wasteful oversalting, resulting in lower operating costs. Safety float assembly prevents overfilling of Saltk\ eeper for added protection.
  7. OUTLET DISTRIBUTOR - 1" distributor with basket screen base provides maximum water flow to yo\ ur home and for regeneration, protecting and extending the life of the resin. Made of polyvinyl chloride for long \ lasting dependability.
  8. CAREX RESIN - Made to WaterCare's specifications for the highest possible capacity for hardne\ ss and iron reduction.
  9. SALTKEEPER - Made of virtually indestructible, corrosion-resistant polyethylene. Stores enoug\ h salt for several months (depending on water conditions).
  10. SALT GRID - Corrosion-free, low grid system is designed to produce the highest brine quality \ possible. Grid is a brine filter, removing insolubles to prevent brine system clogging.
  11. POLYGLASS MINERAL CYLINDER - Has the National Sanitation Foundation Seal of Approval. Hygieni\ cally clean. Made of rugged,durable polyglass for rust-free, corrosion-freeservice.