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TotalCare Series®

Single system performance.

Total staining and odor control.

NH WaterCare - TotalCare Series whole house system
NH WaterCare TotalCare Specifications Specifications

WaterCare’s TotalCare Series® is truly total care for your home’s water system. Designed for problem water, this series packs a multitude of features into just one unit.


An exclusive zeolite crystal media acts to remove hardness, iron and manganese while reducing unwanted odors. It also raises low pH levels that can be corrosive to plumbing fixtures and piping. A patented, chlorine generator gets rid of nuisance iron and sulfur bacteria in the system which can create foul odors and clog pipes.


Patented self-chlorinating technology – removes iron and sulfur bacteria during regeneration
Unique media – eliminates unpleasant staining and odors • Advanced microprocessing – smart diagnostics and “low salt” warning ensure top performance
Efficient operation – provides the benefits of both a softener and filter with just one unit
Proven savings – reduces operating and maintenance cost of all household water-using appliances



Since 1946, WaterCare and its family of professional dealers have offered only the best in water treatment equipment. The TotalCare Series of equipment is the newest and most advanced system within our extensive line-up of proven solutions.


TotalCare conditioners are unlike any other. Three innovative features give every TotalCare system a clear advantage in treating your water. An exclusive filtering media, a patented chlorine generator and a proprietary microprocessor control combine to provide outstanding performance in a remarkably effective single system.


Your professional WaterCare dealer will conduct a simple water test to identify the best TotalCare model for your needs. Once installed, just add salt and the system does the rest. That’s “total care” for your household water and plumbing.


NH WaterCare - TotalCare RC

Why TotalCare?

With its patented self-chlorinating technology, the conditioner treats water better than any other single-tank system.


Self-chlorinating system – disinfects the media bed
Exclusive media – removes hardness, iron and manganese, while also raising low pH
Low salt alarm – warns when salt is needed
Records operating history – easy to ensure efficient operation and service
Combination filter and softener in one unit – provides proven savings


Why WaterCare?

With over 60 years in the water treatment industry, the WaterCare organization hasmuch to offer.

• Family owned and operated

• Local, professional dealer representation

• Factory-trained personnel

• A complete line of leading-edge watertreatment solutions

Say goodbye to unpleasant staining and foul odors.
Say hello to complete household water treatment.
That’s the TotalCare advantage.